Why You Should Include Press Releases in Your Marketing Strategy

Computer with Notebook and Coffee mug_1200x900What big events are happening in your company this year? Better yet, does anybody know about the accomplishments of your company? Newsworthy events like new product launches, joint ventures, opinions on industry news and other timely, relevant content can be the most valuable and versatile item in your marketing strategy.

Moreover, press releases can help accomplish a variety of your marketing goals. Since the turn of the century, press releases have been a widely used method to distribute communications from your company, manage crises and create buzz about your business.

Press releases are difficult to categorize as just one aspect of your strategy. As with other content marketing pieces, they are versatile and can be used in a variety of initiatives.

Most notably, press releases contribute to the ongoing branding of your company. Press releases, in combination with other public relations initiatives, help raise brand awareness. Even better, you get to control the message that goes out to the masses, positioning your company according to your authentic strengths and unique offerings.

Press releases are also an opportunity to show your expertise on subjects related to your industry. When you release content with an expert opinion on a current event, you increase the credibility of your company among consumers. Positioning your business as an expert within your industry brings benefits and enhances your marketing plan.

The way press releases are distributed today offers many channels for sharing. Traditionally, press releases only went to local newspapers, radio stations and television stations. Now, press releases can be distributed easily online to national and international media outlets, as well as precisely targeted in local areas.

Each traditional media outlet now also has an online presence, whether it is in the form of a website or social media account. Now, when a press release is picked up by a traditional media outlet, your company reaps the benefits of a more widespread announcement, as well as gaining SEO value in the form of a credible link from the newspaper, radio or television station. The high-quality back link, branded release and inherently search-optimized content helps generate leads online, especially for business-to-business organizations.

Press releases have a wider audience than ever. The sheer amount of distribution channels contributes to ongoing SEO efforts of your website, and it also gives your message a broader reach. Distributing your content over multiple channels is an easy way to span different generations at the same time, while serving your brand on whatever medium they may prefer to use.

You have probably heard it said that content is king, especially in regards to Internet marketing. If that’s true, then distribution is the queen. Even if your press release doesn’t get picked up by a major media outlet, there are still plenty of ways that your company can broadcast your message using channels that are already included in your marketing plan.

For a press release to actually bring a noticeable result to your marketing initiatives, be sure that you are releasing newsworthy content. Save small achievements and fun, quirky posts for social media. Press releases should be reserved for the big stories that will make an impact.

Distributing a press release is usually part of a larger marketing initiative. At King Media, we look at the entire picture and work hard to make sure each project works in a comprehensive manner to meet your goals. For more tips on how press releases can work for your business, sign up for our e-newsletters, follow us on Facebook or call our office.