Why I’m Blogging in the First Place

I founded my agency sixteen years ago and have had over 500 client relationships to date. I am fortunate to say that many of these have endured the test of time and King Media has grown as their key marketing partner. But no matter how long these associations have been, I’ve learned a great deal from all of them and passing along that experience and insight is my purpose for establishing this on-going communication I will be having with you.

“Those who ignore history are destined to repeat it.”

All of my years of operating a successful independent advertising agency will feed into the topics I will write about as we begin this written journey. I plan to focus on situations we all face in business and what I have learned by trial and error. If you take away one little bit of insight from each of my blogs then I have fulfilled my purpose. Taking away three would be even better!

What influences and inspires me in business is working with so many bright, creative people on a daily basis. Our list of clients and business colleagues is impressive and they are well known as leaders in their respective fields. I am also blessed by being in the same community as Michigan State University, and the talent pool that this fine institution generates. I like to say that the “vibe” at King Media is dynamic and we feed off the vibrancy of the university, the lively business community we serve and the impact we make for our clients. This is a wellspring of knowledge and information I will draw from in upcoming posts.

My next blog topic will be presenting insights on keeping client/agency relationships fresh and important to both parties. I think I will call it “The Happy Ever After Business Marriage”.

Talk to you soon.