What’s in an Award?

Life is busy at King Media. We’re in constant communication with our clients, always working on new strategies and fine-tuning our campaigns. We’re growing, too – now in our second year with two locations, it seems like opportunities present themselves each day, and we’re enthusiastically engaging with new clients who share our values.

And like all busy organizations, it’s the internal projects that get pushed to the back burner. We love fun Facebook posts, but we’re too focused on our clients’ Facebook campaigns to give ours regular attention. This blog? Fairly neglected in the interest of staying on top of developments in our clients’ industries. We get lots of compliments on our website, but even that could benefit from a little love…if we ever have a lull in the client websites we’re developing.

So why, with so many other priorities, does our team take time to submit our work for awards? Why did I fly to New York City last week to accept our fifth national award in two years? What’s really in an award?

Showing us how we stack up

King Media may be based in Michigan, but we have a coast-to-coast footprint. So I want our work to be legitimately judged against that of large, prestigious agencies in cities like New York and Chicago. National awards, like those organized by PR News, are highly respected and attract top-notch applicants from around the world.

Showing off our clients

Recognition doesn’t just help us – it helps our clients, too. It gives them more exposure and demonstrates the pride we take in our partnerships. It also gives them continued confidence in their relationship with King Media – an agency whose work is recognized alongside the marketing industry’s heavy-hitters.

Showing my team some love

As president and founder of King Media, I set the course for the agency’s vision. But it takes a whole team to bring that vision to life, and awards give us something tangible to celebrate. They also acknowledge everyone’s hard work, talent and dedication.

Last week’s trip to NYC was well worth the effort. Our work on behalf of Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant – which originally garnered them national recognition from USA Today – won a PR News Agency Elite Award in the category of Digital/Social Media. We bested four other finalists, all of whom are located in major metropolitan areas and represent national and global brands. We have yet another opportunity to share Tabor Hill’s success story. And I hear my staff had a quick dance party in the office when word came down – and then they got back to work for our clients.