Website Goal Setting

You are probably juggling health goals, personal goals and business goals this New Year – and like more than 80% of the population, a few are probably slipping by mid-January. Like your morning run and green smoothie – dropped when the kids got sick and school started back up… Or your businesses’ website updates – dropped to pick up new product launches, extra customer service…

But as the lifeline of your business, your website isn’t made of rubber – if you drop it, something cracks. It’s time to commit to pushing it up on your priority list.

1. Get in (mobile) shape

  • With 75% of internet users accessing the web through their mobile devices, making sure your site is mobile responsive isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a must have. (Plus, it helps your search engine rankings.)

2. Find your (brand) self

  • Does your site reflect who you are as a brand? Does it sound like you? Look like you? If not, you don’t necessarily need to start from the ground up – a few strategic tweaks to content and design can make a huge difference.

3. Get (your site) organized

  • When people visit your site, is it clear what you sell/offer? Can they find what they need? Are there clear ways for them to find more information, make a purchase or contact someone? Ask some trusted customers for feedback in exchange for a special deal or discount – they’ll feel like VIPs and you’ll have the attention of a less-biased third party.

4. Stop throwing (easy) money away

  • Have you tried to search for your business category on Google? Where do you rank? Chances are, you’re losing a lot of potential customers if you’re not popping up in the first couple of pages for search. There are many ways to improve your organic SEO ranking, though working with a marketing partner is best the best bang for your (newly-found) buck.

5. Ensure your (site’s) future

  • Previously, SSL certificates were only required for sites that used passwords or received credit card information, but that’s no longer the case. Now, any site investing in an SSL certificate (basically guaranteeing the safety of your site) will have ranking preference on Google.

If you’re looking for some help setting or achieving your websites goals this year, we’d love to start the conversation. From small tweaks to complete overhauls, King Media can partner with you to take your business to the next level in 2017.