Tracking Your Digital Advertising Efforts

Though digital marketing and advertising has been around since the 1990s, many companies are just now beginning to understand the many benefits of an online campaign.

Digital advertising is becoming more sophisticated every day. Now, clicks and impressions just scratch the surface of analyzing Internet advertising initiatives. A robust campaign will report these key metrics, but also dig deeper into the response to your campaign.

Impressions are the most familiar metric of digital advertising. They are comparable to household reach of a television program or distribution of a print publication. Using the precise targeting methods of some digital platforms and a messaging strategy that resonates with your audience, impressions on the Internet can carry more weight than traditional methods. This is because precise targeting can serve ads to more interested and active audiences than traditional mediums.

The messaging and creative of your digital ads inspire consumers to click on them. Imagine if you could track each time a consumer’s purchase was a direct result of your advertisement. With digital advertising, that’s no longer a pipe dream.

In addition to tracking how many visitors your ads are bringing to your website, you can also compare clicks to impressions to measure the effectiveness of your ads. A high click-through rate means your campaign resonates deeply with your audience. A lower click-through rate could indicate a number of things: too low of a budget, too broad of an audience or too vague of a message.

The most attractive part about digital marketing is being able to see these metrics in real time and make adjustments after the campaign’s decent trial period. They also make a great testing arena for offers so you can find the most effective option before pursuing advertising on another medium, which is a smart use of your marketing resources.

By using analytics from the Internet advertising platform of your choice, as well as those installed on your website, you can watch the entire consumer journey unfold and compare clicks through to your website with final conversions and purchases via individual referral sources. This provides data on which methods are working best for your advertising initiatives and what can be cut from the plan.

“I don’t sell anything online, though. How can digital advertising help me?”

Conversions don’t always have to result in a sale. Other key actions, such as completing your “Contact Us” form, downloading a PDF of services or navigating to a certain page can also be marked as conversions in your analytics software. For businesses that are not e-commerce, digital advertising is a valuable method of gaining leads, offering value and beginning to show potential customers the value of your business.

Digital advertising, like traditional mediums, requires a specific strategy to best define KPIs and metrics that will determine its success. From small, regional efforts to large, national campaigns, King Media develops digital marketing and advertising campaigns that integrate with your existing marketing efforts. When you’re ready to dive into digital marketing, contact our office for a detailed strategy that will realize results for your business.