The Things You Hear at Tailgates

Last Saturday was the annual MSU vs. U of M game and my husband Chris and I spent the day going from tailgate to tailgate, visiting old friends and meeting new ones. One person we happened to run into was the daughter of our client at Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant.

After speaking with her, I was introduced to fellow Spartans at another tailgate, one of whom was a wine and spirits distributor. She did not represent Tabor Hill wines, but said she noticed that Tabor Hill had refreshed their wine labels and noted that they looked quite nice. I was especially thrilled that she mentioned the new labels as, unbeknownst to her, King Media had the pleasure of creating them for Tabor Hill. Another person jumped into the conversation and said that she, too, had noticed the new wine labels, which had spurred her to purchase her very first bottle of Tabor Hill wine. She exclaimed that “It’s all about the label! That’s how you get people to try, and often buy, new wines.” They asked me if my firm had developed the new labels, and I was very proud to say that we had.

How gratifying that a customer noticed our work and responded to it the way we had hoped when we begin the redesign process last April. We know that sales are up and retailer and distributer feedback on the new visuals was very well received, but you can’t beat an unsolicited, out-of-the-blue compliment like that.

There are many, many consumer touch points that contribute to the acquisition of a brand-loyal customer. From labels on the shelf, to expertly targeted media buying, to creative messaging that moves a product, King Media is your full-service agency partner that can make great things – and great customer comments – happen for your brand.