Successful Rebranding is Possible

For any business owner, the thought of rebranding can be intimidating. It can include many different things, from a slight redesign of your current logo to offering an entirely different set of services under a new name. Why do companies even worry about rebranding at all? The reasons vary by company:

Expansion (or Reduction) of Services
Often, a business chooses to undergo rebranding due to changes in the structure of the business. Whether added talent has allowed you to offer more services or you’ve decided to downsize and specialize in one particular facet, changes like these raise the need for a new brand position, logo, and, potentially, a new name.

Changing Technology and Markets
New technology can also influence your branding, the way you do business, and how you interact with your consumers. As more companies saturate your market, rebranding gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from competitors and adjust to changes in your market.

Negative Image
Rebranding is regularly thought of as a way to combat negative press or a dwindling, outdated image. In this case, rebranding is as much of a part of a public relations strategy as it is a marketing initiative.

Big Names, Big Rebrands
Products, services, and even celebrities all have to partake in rebranding from time to time. This can be as small as an incremental evolution of the logo over decades (like Coca-Cola), or major overhauls to the entire brand. Small and big brands alike need to adapt and adjust to stay top-of-mind with consumers and establish the legacy of their brand.

In addition to competing with many other fast food chains, McDonald’s has also had to find a way to appeal to an increasingly health-conscious world with no help from the documentary Super Size Me. In response, they offered a greater variety of salads and healthier meal options, and most recently, started including nutritional information on menu lists. While that could have been damaging given the high calorie count on items like the Big Mac, the forward initiative and full disclosure of the company created a trusting relationship with patrons. Add in newly redesigned interiors that make the fast food lobby feel more like a fancy coffee shop and McDonald’s has proven that they are willing to respond and rebrand according to concerns voiced by the public.

Founded in 1856, Burberry recently faced two simultaneous issues. As the company aged, it also gained a reputation for being worn by troublemakers, particularly as the uniform of rowdy football fans in the UK. When Angela Ahrendts took the helm as CEO in 2006, her first mission was to redefine the brand vision. She communicated to every team member of Burberry from top to bottom and aligned everyone to accomplish the same goal. Combined with new ads from Creative Director Christopher Bailey, Burberry forged a path to once again become a leader in luxury clothing in the UK and all over the world. Endorsements from celebrities with high profile or pristine reputations, such as Emma Watson and Kate Moss, helped Burberry completely turn around a tired and tarnished brand.

Howard Stern
How can one man have such different personas among multiple generations? Simple – rebranding. Howard Stern was once widely known as one of the most crude radio personalities and had carved himself a niche on both public stations and the satellite radio provider, Sirius XM. Today’s younger generations don’t cringe at the thought of listening to Howard Stern with their parents, though. Why? He’s rebranded himself as the funny, lively uncle-like figure on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. For almost 40 years Howard Stern has branded himself according to the medium he is working with and what methods work best there. His radio and television personalities are incredibly different, yet both still pull in large audiences – a testament to the fact that rebranding is often necessary to have a successful business or career that spans many decades.

Branding/Rebranding in Lansing
Smaller brands can use a refresh from time to time, too. King Media has helped many businesses in the Greater Lansing area with rebranding and repositioning in their respective markets.

Ignite LED Consultants
logo_40thumbIgnite LED Consultants came to King Media in need of an entirely new name, logo, website, branded collateral, and a timeline of just a few short weeks. Extensive market research and our expertise allowed us to position the company with a new identity just in time for the annual Light Fair in Las Vegas. A company in sustainable energy methods needs a sustainable brand strategy, and King Media continues to work with Ignite LED Consultants to complete more branding initiatives.

Plymouth-Canton Community Schoolslogo_10thumb
Plymouth-Canton Community Schools needed a brand identity that would properly represent the district as a premiere quality education provider in Michigan. Focus groups provided us with valuable insight that guided our creative design of the school district’s logo and tagline, “Globally Focused, Locally Connected.” Today, the same logo graces their letterhead, business cards, and other types of branded collateral and depicts the school’s goal of expanding students’ minds.

Advanced Audiology
aa01After establishing their small practice in DeWitt, Advanced Audiology was ready to partner with King Media to increase their market share and effectively utilize all advertising efforts. We refreshed their logo to establish a more visible and identifiable brand and incorporated it into all of their marketing collateral. Through strategic planning implemented in a new website and targeted messaging, we were able to position Advanced Audiology and Dr. Linda Wright as true industry leaders.

Michigan DNR’s Outdoor Adventure Center
Graphic design for Outdoor Adventure Center admissions certificates by King Media for Michigan DNR Outdoor Adventure CenterKing Media’s partnership with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has been a fun-filled one. When they asked us to design a logo for the Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) in downtown Detroit, we welcomed the opportunity to develop a visual identity through integration of the brand marketing collateral. Our work is dotted throughout the opening of the new facility, from the Ribbon Cutting programs and invitations to the maps and logos that are on display throughout the building, welcoming and informing each visitor of all that Michigan has to offer.

Is it time for your business to take the leap? You don’t have to tackle rebranding alone. After all, none of the companies above did. From initial brand analysis, conception, and positioning through identity and messaging, you can count on the expertise of King Media to help your business successfully adapt and grow over time. Fill out our contact form to get started on your new brand.

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