Sharing Knowledge to Build Relationships

Recently, I was invited by my former supervisor and long-time friend, Dan Batchelor, now the Corporate Director of Sales at Quincy Broadcasting, to share with his sales team my insights and experience in the media world. Quincy Broadcasting is a family-owned broadcasting agency based in Quincy, IL, and I had the opportunity to travel to their Rochester, MN location twice this month.

The dynamic between media sales teams and advertising agencies often resembles a game of tug of war, with both competing for the same clients in the same media. However, media teams and agencies would benefit to see their relationship as mutualism, rather than competition. When we work together, we both benefit greater in the long run, rather than working against each other for a piece of the pie – partnering with another expert for a BIGGER piece of the pie gets you both a little more.

We’re not smart enough to know how to build relationships with agencies on our own, but we are smart enough to know who to turn to – Coleen King. Building new relationships with advertising agencies is our business strategy for growth over the next 5 years.  — Dan Batchelor, Corporate Director of Sales, Quincy Broadcast Group

I have been on both sides of the coin – in media sales, media planning and as the owner of an advertising agency – so I am an expert when it comes to building relationships between the two. I talked with the teams at Quincy Broadcasting about how to work with an agency to get what you need, and best serve the agency so they will help you along the way. Like most relationships in life, working together will get you a lot further than working against each other.

This speaking engagement was just one of my opportunities to share my experience with others. I have also had the opportunity to speak to several marketing and advertising classes at Michigan State, at the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, Lansing Technology and Innovation Center, and National Association of Career Women. I have also been a featured speaker on branding at both the Michigan Bankers Association Annual Conference and the International Countertop Expo in Las Vegas.

I love sharing my knowledge with others, and as a business owner with more than 30 years of experience in media and advertising, I can speak to dozens of topics, including media planning and buying, negotiation, branding, tapping into the creative process, and running a small business. If you are looking for an expert to speak to your group or organization, give me a call. I would love to see how I can tailor my industry experience to help educate today’s current and future professionals.

— Coleen