Plymouth-Canton Community Schools

“Our district is currently working with Coleen King, of King Media, on a branding project for the district. It has been an exceptional experience working with her and her firm.

Her work began with a research project in which she met with numerous focus groups of staff and community members, as well as conducting personal interviews with selected individuals. To our surprise and appreciation, she even spent a day in our district, posing as a prospective home buyer, visiting business establishments, restaurants and the like — and even attending a high school football game! — inquiring what people at random thought about our schools.

The research report she submitted contained much information on what district staff and residents though of as our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT).

In a separate report on branding the district, she suggested a framework upon which we could incorporate a new “brand” into and aggressive district marketing campaign. We are still fleshing this out but it holds great promise for us.

I would highly recommend both Coleen and King Media to another school district wishing to “look at itself in the mirror” and project a new image to the local community.”

— Jeremy M. Hughes, Ph.D.
Former Superintendent, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools