Work that works.

We strive to make work that’s smart, effective and beautifully executed. Judging by the number of awards we’ve won and the client accolades we’ve received, we’re doing a pretty good job.

Kent County Health Department substance use disorder prevention campaign
Kent County Health Department

How do you get teens to pay attention to an important, potentially life-saving message? You hijack their eyeballs with a humorous, attention-grabbing social media campaign.

Sawyer Home & Garden Center

When our long-time client, Sawyer Home & Garden Center, was ready for a new outdoor campaign, we came through with flying colors.

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The closer you look, the better the work gets.

Take a look at a few of our recent case studies and see for yourself how great work gets great results.

Talent recruitment campaign

A New Career Path

AGC of Michigan

The Challenge: Try to convince young people to change their lives and consider a career in the skilled trades. The Solution: Out-of-the-box thinking that got the job done. 

Binge drinking prevention campaign

About Last Night

Kent County Health Dept

Can you go out for a night of drinking that doesn’t result in an uncomfortable conversation About Last Night? This campaign used a smile to remind everyone that you can.

Marijuana education campaign

The Dirt On Weed

Berrien County Health Dept

To convince three different audiences (pregnant and nursing mothers, parents of teens, and marijuana users) about the dangers of pot, we came through by delivering the Dirt on Weed.

Work that moves people.


Vacay Every Day

Cornerstone Alliance asked us to create a campaign that would encourage people to move to Southwest Michigan. Our concept, Vacay Every Day, came from the sentiment we heard from people who work and live in the area—that calling Southwest Michigan “home” feels like being on vacation every day.

Clinton Transit

On the occasion of their 20th Anniversary, Clinton Transit wanted to remind everyone about the important role their Blue Buses play in the lives of people in Clinton County.

Library of Michigan

After four years of working with the Library of Michigan, our relationship continues to grow. Developing branding, marketing, educational resources and more, we’ve turned our clients at the Library into some of our biggest fans.

Library of Michigan graphic design
Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health

With the amount of sports betting growing within the state by leaps and bounds, Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health needed to get the word out—betting can be fun at first, but it can lead to some real problems.

Sports betting was fun
Sports betting was fun