Option 1 Credit Union

“I am very pleased to be able to provide this testimonial to the overwhelmingly positive professional experience that Option 1 Credit Union has had in working with King Media. There have been so many wonderful facets to this relationship that I hardly even know where to begin.

Promoting Option 1 presented a bit of a challenge right up front as the credit union had been around for 70 years and suddenly we were faced with promoting a new name while not losing touch with our member base. That you had a depth of experience in the multiple media markets that were affected by the merger of what had been two credit unions and the subsequent name change was a definite plus for us. Your acumen in coordinating the marketing campaign was invaluable.

Advertising design support was a significant part of the package. There has been consistency in the message while fine tuning some of the details to fit the different market demographics. Your design team’s magazine and newspaper advertising layouts have been exceptional and the trade show banners have been wildly effective.

Your suggestions on radio and television ad content have been very useful and the production contacts that you made on our behalf have proven to be outstanding. They were responsive to making sure that every detail was perfect and I have been 100% satisfied with the quality of their work.

But what has been truly remarkable is that with all of the extraordinary creative talent, the cost savings that you provided have been equally impressive.

We came to you originally because we were simply overwhelmed by the range of rates and placement options. Your professional skill in maximizing our exposure from our modest budget has been nothing short of amazing. It wasn’t just the ad placement in college football’s most anticipated 2006 regular season game (Michigan vs. Ohio State), in the season finale of American Idol and at the commercial break lead-in to the announcement of the winner of the season finale of Survivor, but the fact that you brought all of this off well below rate card pricing.

Finally, I think that it is also important to acknowledge the way in which you and the rest of the King Media staff have managed this relationship. I never had a question go unanswered, never had a phone call not promptly returned, and never had a single detail get lost in the shuffle. Once again, I could not be more pleased.”

— Michael S. Forman
Vice President for Business Development, Option 1 Credit Union