New Views: Creating Marketing Content with Aerial Photography

aerial photographySince the mid-1800s, people have used everything from hot air balloons to kites to other types of early aircraft to capture a bird’s-eye view of the world. Today, aerial photos and videos have become commonplace among businesses, the government and civilians alike and the allowance of drones for use by individuals has made aerial photography and videography an attainable marketing initiative for many companies.

More than 50% of marketing professionals claim video as the type of content with the best ROI, whether it results in a purchase, an email open or some other indicator of engagement. Creating more visual content is a top priority for B2C content creators and an aerial view can help your business stand out.

Who should use aerial video?
Brick-and-mortar businesses benefit from aerial photography the most. Large auto dealers, construction companies, realtors, outdoor facilities and venues are all prime examples. These industries have the opportunity to create content, such as:

  • Before and after videos and images related to large scale projects
  • Tours of their venues no matter the season
  • Geographic positioning for gems tucked away in neighborhoods or reclusive areas.

Where would I use the footage?
There are a variety of uses for aerial photography and video. The most obvious is for commercial production. These shots create a unique perspective, capturing attention in whichever market you may choose to participate.

Social media also thrives on video content. Consider this: between April and November of 2015, video views on Facebook doubled from 4 billion to 8 billion views per day. With more views comes an increase in videos as marketers realize the potential reach and engagement of that type of content. Aerial shots break up the standard fare of film and gives your company a competitive edge.

What do I need to know?
Drones operate in U.S. airspace, and as such are regulated by the FAA. Trustworthy partners are licensed drone pilots and registered with the FAA. Pilots should keep the drone within view at all times. Those that ignore these requirements or put people at risk while filming can face legal repercussions.

How to get started
King Media works with a designated partner on all aerial photography and videography shoots. While we plan out the required images that will best communicate your brand, our trusted partner executes the technical shots. We were thrilled with the resulting images, which perfectly captured the experience of the venue and the feel of the company.

We work with the only full-time, exclusive drone production company in the area, and they also provide traditional photography services and 360° shots for Google business profiles. Servicing the entire state of Michigan, they are licensed and registered with the FAA and fully insured. Their commitment to completing projects with expertise and dedication has made them a perfect partner for multiple projects.

Marketing is driven by strategy, but it takes an arsenal of content to carry it through completely. Today’s society is quickly becoming one that is fragmented among many different screens. While this poses certain challenges, it also opens the door for more consumer touch points, higher brand recognition and an increased number of opportunities to convert. To leverage this, it is crucial to have enough engaging content to meet your target audience exactly when their needs arise.

Explore the boundaries of your marketing plan with King Media. We consistently seek out the newest technologies that we believe will bring return to our clients by bridging the gap between traditional and digital. For more information on our services, visit our website or view our portfolio of work.