My Management Style

Having worked for all kinds of managers and supervised all kinds of people, my style of management has certainly evolved and changed over the years – and our clients have benefited from it! As the marketing and media landscape is in constant flux, I always lean back on one simple rule that I learned a long time ago: “the true definition of management is getting things done through other people.” In building my agency of a dozen people or so, the combined skill set of my team today is vastly different from 10 years ago, and that’s because of the list of services my present and future clients need today. And guess, what? Ten years from now, it will be different again. As a leader and manager, my role is NOT to do everything myself. It’s to know what my clients need and have the proper expertise – the getting things done through other people part – that keeps King Media growing and providing the creative services and marketing knowledge that embraces the future. It keeps us (me included!) relevant and active as the future continues to move forward. My team today consists of web masters, content developers, SEM media wizards and the list goes on. Sure, we can still create a newspaper ad for a client, just don’t expect the designer to know what a “pica” is.

Thirty years ago, newspapers were the number one advertising medium. Cable television was available for fringe counties. The internet, smartphones and Bluetooth were things from STAR TREK. We have evolved and morphed into the 2014 version of a full-service advertising agency, and my job as the manager of the good ship King Media is to keep it growing through the talents of those I manage, my Team K!