MSU: Wharton Center

The Curtain Call publication is the playbook program for every show or production that is showcased at the Wharton Center. Through the selling and placement of advertising space, this publication serves as a significant revenue generator for the Wharton Center throughout the year. King Media has sustained a partnership with the Wharton Center for several years in which we aid in selling advertising space and advertisement creation.

King Media is the exclusive Lansing agency partner for the Wharton Center in this endeavor. From our existing connections and through targeted prospecting, we determine which businesses would be best suited for the opportunity based on their clientele demographics.

Once ad space is secured for the advertiser, King Media works with them to develop tasteful, stand-out advertisements that fit the color and size specifications that they purchased. Through our partnership with the Wharton Center, King Media has brought several advertisements to the Curtain Call each year.