Media Buying: A Business of Art & Science

Digital billboard media buying and creative for Greater Lansing Housing Coalition - ICE, by King Media

Media buying is not an easy task. Even though I have more than 30 years of experience as a national media buyer, I still have to admit that media buying is a complicated and tough work. Media buying is a business combining art and science. Media buyers have to understand the media landscape, identify new business opportunities, plan cost-effective media plans, and negotiate with business and media partners in smart methods. There are so many requirements and skills required and never one right way to be a good media buyer. This is why I regard myself as both an artist and scientist in the communication field.

Billboard media buying and creative for Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant, by King Media

I started my business in media buying, and over the past 15 years my agency has expanded services from there. From traditional media buying to digital media buying, I believe that even though the channels and strategies change with time, the key to success is still all about relationships. I receive much in the way of discounted rates and media “value adds” such as prime positions, spins and additional posting times, just because I know the local media inside and out. Our powerful network of relationships truly separates us from other agencies and provides our clients a value that over delivers on their objectives. Forming positive relationships with media and other partners as well smartly negotiating in order to successfully execute our objectives is really a language of art. Keeping a scientific mind is another secret for being a successful media buyer. Conducting thorough research and always basing decisions on the results helps me to make accurate decisions. For example, selecting the most effective medium starts with understanding our target markets and how they receive information. We then use our expertise and research which channels, whether it be print, TV, radio, outdoor or digital, will offer the greatest reach, frequency and return on investment.

GreenStone Farm Credit Services outdoor advertising by King Media

Media buying is all about relationships and knowledge. It’s a job that not only requires talent but also the ability to rely on experiences. With my 30+ years in media buying for local, regional and national business, I know all the tricks of the trade, which has helped me be able to make correct judgments on media buying and placement. My strong local connections with the media and other partners also help King Media thrive in the competitive advertising business.

Even though media buying is tough, we are the experts. King Media’s artistic and scientific minds make effective strategic judgments, execute your plan effectively, as well as negotiate smartly to create win-win results for all our partners and clients. All you need to do is contact us, and let us take care of rest of your concerns.