Climb to the Top: Leveraging Social Media

In 2016, Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant was named one of USA Today’s Top 20 American Winery Restaurants. After the panel of experts chose the finalists, voting was opened to the public to decide which winery would claim Top 10 honors. To compete with winery restaurants in California and other highly-populated wine regions, Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant needed a robust campaign to reach voters.

King Media quickly developed a multi-faceted strategy that reached winery guests, regional food and wine enthusiasts and statewide residents ready to support a Pure Michigan nominee. In less than a week, we designed in-winery collateral; launched a social media campaign; and began media relations to accompany our press release.

Social media was a key component in reaching Tabor Hill brand enthusiasts. The winery’s rural location posed a challenge, but we used Facebook’s robust targeting capabilities to reach as many potential voters as possible.

Sponsored post messaging and creative for Tabor Hill Winery by King Media

Sponsored post messaging and creative for Tabor Hill Winery by King Media


In addition to creating collateral, we also wrote, distributed and pitched a press release announcing the nomination and vote. Our efforts resulted in many articles and shares, but most importantly, we arranged for Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant’s General Manager to participate in a live interview on Michigan’s Big Show hosted by Michael Patrick Shiels. Mr. Shiels has been nominated as “Network Radio Personality of the Year” by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters multiple times and his show is played in syndication all across the state.


Before the launch of the campaign, Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant sat firmly in 16th place. From the unique URL on our collateral, we tracked at least 3,741 votes that came directly from our promotional efforts. The sponsored Facebook posts, targeting both current followers and those new to Tabor Hill, reached more than 53,000 people throughout the voting window.


Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant is now ranked 4th in the nation, earning the distinct honor of being one of USA Today’s Top 10 American Winery Restaurants. We continue to leverage this honor in Tabor Hill’s print ads, outdoor billboards and other marketing tactics.

Billboard design for Tabor Hill by King Media


Our work for Tabor Hill won first place in the 2017 PR News Agency Elite Awards in the category for Digital/Social Media and received Honorable Mention in the 2017 PR News Social Media Awards for Best Facebook Marketing Campaign.

King Media's USA Today 10Best Vote campaign for Tabor Hill Winery received Honorable Mention for Best Facebook Marketing Campaign at 2017 PR News' Social Media Awards