American Orchid Society

(AOS Certificate of Appreciation)

“One important measure of our Society’s success at fulfilling our mission is our ability to interface effectively with community resources. Since our Show is probably the most important event the Society conducts, our ability to communicate our mission and our Show is a critical need. For several years, we have partnered with King Media and WLNS-TV6 to reach just that right demographic base of the Greater Lansing community that will bring crowds into our Show without seeming crowded.

King Media and WLNS TV-6 have become “media sponsors” this year which brought us into a greater spectrum of media coverage with some special attention. With several other major events competing with our Show on its traditional weekend, and a poor economy, we depended on them to help us get the word out… and that they did. In a survey conducted among attendees of this year’s Show, more than 60% saw some form of King Media and WLNS-TV6 initiated media.

GLOS is fortunate to have such talented, dedicated, and generous individuals as Coleen from King Media and Julie Tadgerson from WLNS TV-6 to partner with us. Congratulations to King Media and WLNS TV-6 on your recognition this year as outstanding external partners to GLOS.”

— Pete Porciello
President and Media Committee Chair, Greater Lansing Orchid Society