Uniting to Serve: Government Agency Consolidation

In 2015, three individual Michigan Works! agencies – Livingston County Michigan Works!, South Central Michigan Works! and Washtenaw County Michigan Works! – consolidated to form one regional agency. Initially calling themselves the Southeast Michigan Consortium (SEMC), their leadership team needed to unify the new agency with a fresh brand.

We started with market research, seeking input from internal and external audiences. Our efforts identified specific strengths like the friendly, compassionate staff at each service center, and revealed the need to demonstrate the benefits of a regional approach to workforce development services while maintaining a commitment to serving the distinct needs of each community.


Armed with the research outcomes, we worked diligently to present various name recommendations to the SEMC. We researched other Michigan Works! agencies, examined the region’s diverse characteristics and leaned heavily on the authentic strengths uncovered in the research. Ultimately, the Board opted to go with a regional representation for their agency: Michigan Works! Southeast.


For Michigan Works! Southeast’s new logo, we incorporated clean, intentional visuals with the established Michigan Works! brand. The compass has different layers of significance: on the surface, it is a literal illustration of the agency’s location in southeast Michigan. But it also represents the agency’s role in helping clients find their way, whether they are jobseekers looking for new opportunities or employers seeking high quality talent.


At each step along the way, we worked with the SEMC to ensure our work was hitting the right mark for every community involved. The result – a new name, brand identity, Style Guide and branding strategies – gives the agency the unity it needs to move forward and the autonomy it needs to continue to serve each of its communities effectively.