“Ms. King has built a reputation not only in the Lansing-Jackson marketplace, but throughout the state of Michigan as a “go to” full-service advertising agency.

What separates her agency from her competitors is their impeccable attention to detail. Whoever coined the expression “don’t sweat the small stuff” never met Coleen! Just take a look at her team’s work. The creative is eye-catching and memorable. The execution is meticulous and well thought out. But, what never ceases to amaze me is the true passion they bring to every project.

Our TV station just completed a Super Bowl promotion with one of King Media’s clients and guess what? The last phone call we received the day before the Big Game was from King Media making certain their client’s spot placement was perfect.

Currently we are working with them on behalf of another one of their clients for an “American Idol” campaign. From the perfect logo to the perfect commercial production to the perfect on-location point of sale promotional materials… everything is done exactly as it is supposed to be done.

I have personally been working with Coleen for the past 10 years. To say that I am a fan of hers would be an understatement. Simply put, she is tremendous.

If every advertising agency brought the love and passion of creating difference-making marketing plans like King Media does, there would be significantly more successful business owners today.

Please put Coleen King and her team at the top of your list when selecting your next marketing partner. You will be glad you did.”

— Gary Baxter
General Sales Manager, WSYM FOX 47 TV

“In my 13 years representing FOX 47 in the Lansing-Jackson marketplace, Coleen King and the team at King Media have been one of the great constants. When asked the question, “who is the most relationship-driven ad agency in the Lansing area?” there will be unanimous consensus with the answer — King Media.

Coleen has built her reputation on honesty, diligence and trust like no other. These may seem like obvious ways to build a business but Coleen has approached it differently. She has never considered media as a source of buying and selling of goods, she has looked upon us as valued partners who help her client’s succeed and grow.

Coleen is a class act. She does everything first class because she knows impressions are just as important as cash register sales. We have had many client interactions with Coleen over the years, but I’ve especially enjoyed our partnership with her and the staff at GreenStone Farm Credit Services. From the creative execution, to the media planning, to the press releases and media events — everything has been handled like a world-class agency out of New York or Chicago.

I would have great confidence in Coleen representing your valued franchisees in the Mid-Michigan area.”

— Gary Baxter
Vice President and General Manager, WSYM FOX 47 – Lansing-Jackson, MI