Financial Health Credit Union

“I can’t get over the good fortune that I have had in working with King Media.

The cost savings alone has been extraordinary. When we had originally discussed all of the elements we were looking for in a comprehensive media program of radio, broadcast television, cable television and outdoor I would not have imagined all that you have been able to deliver within our set advertising budget. Just the value-added components you wrangled for us would have exceeded the advertising rate card charges we would have paid in trying to tackle this project ourselves.

I also appreciate the production resources that you arranged for us. Not only were the poeple with whom we worked pleasant and professional, but they were extremely responsive to making sure that every production detail was perfect. Every time that I saw a finished product I was 100% satisfied.

But most of all I am truly impressed with your acumen in getting media placement that put our small credit union right up there with the best. Savvy scheduling is one thing, but two outdoor rotary posters at the Pointe? A live radio remote at our 70th anniversary member function? TV commercial placement in a Pistons Playoff broadcast, in the season finale of the mega-hit American Idol and at the commercial break lead-in to the announcement of the winner on the season finale of Survivor? And all BELOW rate card pricing? If it ahd been any one of these alone I would have thought that you must have been blackmailing someone, but thse are five different media outlets. I am absolutely blown away.

So thank you for your professional skills — and thank you too for the way in which you have managed this relationship. I never had a question go unanswered, never had a phone call not promptly returned, and never had a single detail get lost in the shuffle. I could not be more pleased.”

— Michael S. Forman
Business Development and Marketing Manager, Financial Health Credit Union