Developing Consistently Creative Campaigns

Being creative with a campaign always starts with the relationship you have
with the client. Gaining their trust and allowing them to “let go” and focus
on where they want to go is the key. We know that is why client involvement
while writing the creative brief is so important. This is where their input,
fully articulated, will have the most impact on the final campaign.

Just as a famous painter has a “style”, a truly impactful advertising
campaign must match the style and the personality of the client’s brand.
And, as every famous painter creates unique works of art, so too must the
agency develop new substance while maintaining that unique style.

While creativity for creativity’s sake is never the best way to proceed, out
of the box brainstorming is a great way to begin a creative process.
Searching for the unique positioning statement that sets your client apart
from the competition is the holy grail. Keeping a sharp eye on the targeted
audience is also key throughout the process. Focus groups are a primary way
to expose concepts to target audiences to determine if the campaign
resonates the way we want it to. The results should be a variety of campaign
elements that come together as a finished, ready-for-market campaign.

All professional marketers have a version of this process that generates
successful campaigns for their clients. That’s why most businesses hire
professional advertising and marketing firms in the first place. I like to
say that “good creative and bad creative cost the same thing.” I started
this blog with the statement that great campaigns come from great
client-agency relationships, built on trust and mutual goals for success,
and King Media has over 15 years of work that demonstrates just how true
this is.