Cutting Edge Cuisine

“The staff at King Media has re-defined the term hospitality. Somehow Coleen King and her gang not only manage to run a seamless marketing firm, but also have created a hospitablt environment that goes beyond all expectations. The staff at King Media makes me feel like a celebrity every time I pop into the newly renovated, utopia, they call an “office”.

One thing I can say about King Media is that they listen. When launching a brand for my new company, the staff at King Media encompassed my every wish and desire when constructing my company name and logo. I devote their professional dedication to excellence as part of my company/s continued success to this day.

When I was ready to launch my website, there was no shopping to be done. After just one meeting with the staff at King Media, their synergetic ideas and innovative concepts allowed the development of a website I could have never imagined. It is the one on one personal service that sets this humble Lansing based marketing firm apart from the rest.

On a personal note: I would like to express my gratitude to the ladies and gentleman at King Media for not only developing my company name, logo and website but for also developing the stupefying personal and business relationship that we currently comprise to this very day.”

— Zack Sklar
Chef/Proprietor, Cutting Edge Cuisine