Comic-Con Can Be a Great Teacher

Social media marketing is about creating a community for consumers and fans of your brand. Though it can be tempting to let the fans just talk amongst themselves, by doing so you are missing out on a key element of what makes social media so important in an ever-increasing digital world. Interacting with your fans and followers on social media provides your business the opportunity to communicate with individual users in a way that used to only be available at brick and mortar stores.

Take Comic-Con in San Diego earlier this month, for example. The entire event provides valuable in-person connections during the weekend and utilizes a social media strategy that capitalizes on the enthusiasm of attendees and those who wish they could attend. Comic-Con sponsors many activities and lectures over the four day event. Most attendees are interested in breaking into the industry, whether as a comic illustrator, screenplay writer, costume designer, or some other career in the entertainment industry.

The Real Deal
In addition to meeting other enthusiasts, participants are given a chance to interact with their favorite celebrities at Comic-Con. Fans of shows like Breaking Bad, The Hunger Games, and Doctor Who and well-known actors like Bill Murray and Jennifer Lawrence are given the chance to hear them speak about their experiences and maybe sneak a peek at upcoming projects.

Many actors, directors, and writers of popular comics, TV shows, and movies embrace the chance to visit and talk with fans during the Q&A portions of the day. This deeply personal level of communication inspires increased loyalty from each person in the audience. Even if a specific individual doesn’t get a chance to ask a question of their favorite actor, witnessing them respond to another has a positive effect on them by association. Translated into a business setting, these impressions and interactions can help build brand ambassadors and convert one-time purchasers into lifelong customers.

Comic-Con isn’t just an analogy for how social media can work for your business, though. The event itself utilizes every facet of social media to provide valuable information to those attending and to those watching from home, setting up an entire digital environment for additional engagement. Re-tweets from celebrities, special hashtags, and proper tagging of people and shows in posts create an online community for those that can’t attend the convention, but still want to be a part of the event. Conventions or similar events provide a valuable experience for those in attendance, but creating an engaging social media plan will help you reach a wider audience and inspire more of the brand loyalty your business may be seeking.

Above and Beyond
Comic-Con is a real-life example of how social media can work for your company. To best utilize social media for your business, you need to be a part of the conversation. Every interaction leaves a lasting impression on not only the individual you respond to, but those who see it as well. Social media gives businesses the opportunity to provide prompt customer service and personalization in a digital landscape that usually caters more to anonymity.

There are three key takeaways from Comic-Con that can be applied to your business’ social media marketing strategy:

1) Quality content is shareable content.
The chance to interact with someone memorable will keep customers talking about their experience and encourage others to attend in the future.

2) Personal interactions impress and create lasting connections.
Your favorite actor has a fantastic response to your critical analysis of their movie’s plot. How could you not love them even more after that? These actors and writers are invested in the work they are doing and aren’t just in it for the paycheck. The same should be true of your business, and customers should feel it whether they’re interacting with you in-person or online.

3) It’s not enough to just show up; you’ve got to participate.
Comic-Con wouldn’t be nearly as successful if the event was just a place for fans to meets, just like a Facebook page provides little value without interaction from the business itself. Social media profiles allow the brand principles of your company to be carried out through communication with your fans. Those that get the most out of Comic-Con are the ones that show up, dress up, and participate. Similarly, those who run social media need to show up (have a profile), dress up (create posts that reinforce the brand), and participate (inspire brand loyalty through personal communications).

The next Comic-Con isn’t until later in this month, but you can get started on revamping your social media strategy today. Need some help defining your brand and positioning to make the most of your strategy? Contact King Media and let’s get started.

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