Changes in the Media Mix

There are an amazing amount of options when it comes to allocating your marketing budget. Similar to the stock market, it’s unwise to put all of your eggs in one basket. We are entering the age of “omni-channel marketing.” With the once-decisive line between digital and traditional marketing now becoming blurred, it’s more important than ever to discover how initiatives on one end of the media spectrum can influence results on the other.

Given the many available avenues, defining the right media mix for each individual buyer persona will yield the best results from your marketing efforts. Consider this: in the 1920s, the major options for advertising were print and radio. By the 1950s, television had been thrown into the mix, as almost every home in America had one in their living room. The 1970s saw the first mass email deliveries, and by the 1990s, clickable banner ads had become part of many websites. Currently, we are seeing the rise of social advertising through both organic updates and paid posts.

Each of these avenues has a defined audience and subset of audiences that it specializes in reaching. The wealth of information available at the click of a mouse Media Mix Infographic_FINAL2can easily help determine where the potential consumers of your business spend most of their time; however, with all of these opportunities also comes overwhelming choices. The help of agencies, especially their media buyers and strategic planners, can help make the most of your marketing budget by finding the mix that best targets your consumers and will maximize your return on investment.

Why put so much emphasis on targeting? Wouldn’t it be more productive to just broadcast your message to everyone on every channel and be happy with what sticks? The simple answer to that is no. Even if every person in the United States knew about your business through your advertising efforts, it doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t convert to sales or new business. Using the right media mix will raise awareness and encourage consumers to follow a call to action is an ever-changing art. Targeted messaging and methods are non-negotiable because today’s world values a personalized and relevant message that will inspire loyalty to your brand.

Let’s take the example of TV advertising and how it can influence website traffic. Television has been the most dominant marketing channel to launch or re-launch a brand and is utilized to raise brand awareness and drive consumers to stores. Even now, television remains the dominant medium to build brand recognition and trust. When launched their brand, they didn’t quietly release print ads or rely on word of mouth. They burst on the scene with a striking Super Bowl commercial that portrayed their brand and culture while pushing traffic to their website. With the affordability of and access to the Internet, major brands and small businesses alike are now finding that the worth in TV advertising lies in driving consumers to their website.

Why is this shift so important? Typically when Americans are watching TV, they are at home, relaxing and enjoying their free time. They may not want to leave their home again to venture to the store, or may even completely forget about your advertisement by time they are out shopping. TV commercials are the perfect time to drive consumers to your website and drive sales through that outlet, all from the comfort of their home. Since online shopping can be done while watching your favorite TV show, some of the competition for attention is reduced. If you can master an e-commerce website that plays nicely with tablets and mobile devices, you can encourage even more follow through from consumers.

The process behind advertising, marketing and finding the right media mix for your business has changed drastically over the last century. What worked yesterday may not be nearly as effective tomorrow, which is why you need to keep up with the latest marketing communication channels or have an expert in your corner. We can only imagine the type of advancements we will see in the coming decades, but the only thing we can be sure of is that as technology advances, your media mix needs to adapt rapidly and accordingly.

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