“I have known Coleen King since 2000 when I worked for WJR Radio. Her energy was remarkable! Having spent 22 years in radio sales I recognized her uniqueness in contrast to other agencies that I’d worked with. She was professional in negotiating advertising rates on her client’s behalf. Many media buyers do not have the ability to think beyond numbers. Coleen was always receptive to new concepts that would afford her clients opportunities that were in their best interests. There are so many media buyers who are not receptive to anything beyond the numbers that I personally think they miss out on some unique market concepts. Coleen King understands media sales and because of her insights, she understands the strategies to offer her clients intelligent media choices.

Additionally, King Media consistently hits a home run on their creative. I’ve worked for Meredith for almost five years as a marketing consultant for WNEM TV5. I often make the comment that the Flint/Saginaw/Bay City market truly does not have the most creative agencies. In many cases, our television station is more creative in commercial production than most local agencies. King Media is an exception. When Coleen King puts her footprint on a project, there’s no question that it’s going to take on a national look. All you have to do is view the creative for GreenStone Farm Credit Services and it’s blatant that this is the kind of creative an advertising agency should be producing.

It’s easy to understand who Coleen King is. All you have to do is walk into King Media and you get a sense of Coleen’s taste, it’s impeccable! Her staff is top-notch and I’d be willing to put them in a major marketing category.

If you’re trying to make a decision who to go with, I would highly recommend King Media. It’s as close to Madison Avenue as you’re going to get from an advertising and marketing firm. If you give Coleen your vision, I have no doubt that she can make it happen. I’ve owned my own advertising agency in Southfield, Michigan for five years and I understand the challenges that businesses have in branding. I realize how many media reps bombard a business with ideas and opportunities, that’s why they hire an agency. When a company awards King Media their business, I know that they are going to have some of the finest creative and a concise marketing plan to showcase them as leaders amongst their competitors.”

— Ronald Kruman
Marketing Consultant, WNEM