A New Career Path

Our campaign for the Associated General Contractors of Michigan had a lofty goal—convince young people to change their lives. We needed to promote a career in the skilled trades to an audience that had other plans. 

AGC - Campaign Secondary

Initially, AGC contacted King to create an outdoor advertising campaign promoting a career in the skilled trades. We had something else in mind.

Trying to reach high school students and young jobseekers with an outdoor campaign would have been like building on shaky ground. Instead, we recommended a robust digital campaign. For the foundation, we produced a dynamic video to tell the story of construction careers. From there, we built a multi-pronged strategy that included YouTube pre-roll, interactive display ads, Google Search Ads and Facebook ads.

3,000% Over-delivery on Impressions

30% View-Through Rate

1,000% Site Traffic Increase

While we expected the campaign to deliver excellent results, those results immediately exceeded our expectations. Only a month into the campaign, most tactics had well outperformed expectations for the entire run of the campaign. And at the campaign’s close, the results were staggering: almost 3,000% over delivery on the Google Ads and Facebook campaigns, a 30% view-through rate on YouTube and more than 1.5 million display impressions. Website traffic increased almost 1,000%, and the campaign even had a huge impact on AGC’s organic search traffic. Most compelling, though, was the exponential increase in direct inquiries – up 10,400% in just three months. It’s clear the combination of dynamic creative and excellent strategy is turning the tide on the perception of construction careers in Michigan.