About Last Night

Many people hear “binge drinking” and think of wild college parties. But in reality, binge drinking is most prevalent among 21-34 year olds. The Kent County Health Department had taken some important steps to curb binge drinking with its Rethink Drinks campaign. But they needed a fresh concept to connect with its audience and change behavior.

King created a campaign that was light, memorable and non-judgmental. “About Last Night” is centered on the stories one might tell (and the apologies one might need to make) after a night of heavy drinking. The campaign brings a touch of humor. But it still reminds the audience that you can drink without getting drunk. You can have fun, and know when you’re done.

Binge drinking prevention campaign

Over 215,00 Impressions

14.3% Ad Recall

This campaign has been active for three years. Creative assets include outdoor billboards, radio spots, and ads for social media, restrooms and buses. We also designed swag like coasters and water bottles. King executed a 2019 soft launch on Facebook and Instagram to test audience reaction to the concept. The one-month, highly targeted social media campaign delivered 215,896 impressions and a 14.3% estimated ad recall rate.