Marketing for a Cause: Nonprofit Strategies

The Greater Lansing Housing Coalition (GLHC) strives to help the greater Lansing community prosper by providing quality housing assistance for all, revitalizing neighborhoods and empowering residents through education and counseling.

When the organization received a grant from the Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program to create a comprehensive Five-Year Fair and Affordable Housing Plan for Ingham, Clinton and Eaton counties, King Media developed and executed a broad set of branding and marketing strategies.

King Media’s team worked directly with two GLHC researchers to guide the data compilation and analysis process. Simultaneously, we used a combination of strategic and creative thinking to develop a brand for the plan and all related promotional efforts. Wanting to differentiate this initiative from other tri-county programs, we coined the term “ICE.” ICE stands for both the geographic areas impacted by the Plan – Ingham, Clinton and Eaton counties – and the innovative, collaborative and empowering characteristics of GLHC’s efforts.

Using the ICE brand, we designed three full-color publications to promote the Plan: the entire 173-page plan document, which included all the content developed in the research phase; an eighteen-page executive summary; and a succinct brochure that outlined the current need for fair housing in Mid-Michigan and highlighted endorsements from influential community leaders.

GLHC ICE Brochure