From Regional to National: Brand Elevation on the Web

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kamps Pallets has been steadily expanding their footprint. First they established themselves in the Midwest – now their operations span from coast to coast. But the old Kamps Pallets website didn’t reflect their national brand.

Since a new website was really the first step in an effort to reposition the Kamps brand, we started with research to define what makes Kamps so special in the eyes of their customers. Among other findings, we learned that the distinctive blend of innovation and personal service set this family owned and operated company apart from the competition.

The new site has a sleek, modern design, carefully styled to position Kamps Pallets as a national company. We highlighted their innovative solutions – from comprehensive pallet management services to different pallet options and more – and added some exciting features to elevate their brand. These included a dynamic Green Scorecard and an interactive map of their many locations across the United States.

Kamps Website
Kamps Green Scorecard