Berrien County Health Department

Below are samples of King Media’s work with Berrien County Health Department.

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan, health departments across the state are tasked with educating the public on the risks associated with marijuana use. The Berrien County Health Department sought a communications partner to develop an overarching creative campaign and media plan that would reach a variety of audiences with messages regarding marijuana usage. For teens and parents of teens, the BCHD sought to communicate the health risks of marijuana use for adolescents. For pregnant and breastfeeding women, there was a need to educate moms who may be using marijuana on the health risks for their babies. There is also a general message regarding safe storage for all marijuana users, particularly focused on keeping marijuana out of the hands of small children.

Though the budget was modest, King Media was able to create a high impact campaign, including social media, radio and outdoor. In addition, we developed rack cards for the BCHD to hand out across the county. Coupled with a landing page for the campaign created by the BCHD, we are confident this message will reach and resonate with Berrien County residents.




Berrien County Outdoor

Rack Cards

Berrien County Rack Cards

Social Media

Berrien County Facebook Ads

Radio Script

Berrien County Radio Script

Berrien County Radio Script (pdf)

Media Plan

Berrien County Media Plan

Media Plan (pdf)