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Mason Public School Ads
November 12, 2018

Last week, King Media was honored with four international MarCom awards. This marks 17 national and international awards in just three years, and I’m very proud of my team for such outstanding accomplishments. But I’m even more proud of the legacy we are leaving with our work.

Our two platinum MarCom awards recognize the success of our informational bond proposal campaign for Mason Public Schools in 2017. A similar bond proposal had failed in 2016. An opposition group had launched a coordinated attack on the bond proposal overnight, rife with misinformation and inflammatory rhetoric. The District was caught off-guard and couldn’t effectively communicate accurate information to the community quickly enough. But they desperately needed the funds to upgrade their facilities, support new technology in the classroom and increase building security. So they regrouped, sought community input and placed a revised proposal on the 2017 ballot.

As the District was preparing for its 2017 bond proposal, they recognized the need to take a different approach to their informational campaign and partnered with King Media. So my team and I conducted extensive community research to determine what kinds of voters, when armed with the right information, could become bond supporters. Next, we created informational messaging that still had an emotional appeal. Our Stronger, Smarter, Safer campaign was the cornerstone for all bond communications from the District. We made sure everyone in the Mason community had access to the information through print, television, online display ads, paid search ads and social media.

We knew the vote results would be close. That small but vocal group of dissenters remained, investing significant time and money into opposing the bond proposal. But the strength of our messaging and strategic campaign approach prevailed. We saw a voter increase of more than 4% from the May 2016 to November 2017 elections, and a 15% increase in bond votes. More importantly, “yes” votes for the $69.7 million Mason Public Schools bond proposal increased 42%, successfully passing the largest bond in community history.

Everyone likes to win – myself included. But this wasn’t just a win for King Media and the District. It was a win for the thousands of children who will be educated in a district equipped to help them learn in modern spaces that meet their needs; in technology-rich environments that prepare them for the future; and in secure buildings that keep them safe. We celebrated the win on election night, and we’re celebrating the international MarCom awards we received for this campaign, but the true celebration comes with the completion of each new project at Mason Public Schools, made possible by the successful campaign.

Coleen King is the president and founder of King Media, a full service marketing, advertising, public relations and digital media agency with offices in East Lansing and St. Joseph, Michigan. King Media was recently named the 2018 Boutique Firm of the Year by PR News and has received 17 national and international awards in the past three years. For a complete list of King Media’s awards, click here.