How King Media Has Stayed Busy During COVID-19

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August 4, 2020

Why You Need Marketing – Especially During a Pandemic

King Media, a full-service boutique marketing, advertising, public relations and digital media agency, pivoted 180-degrees when COVID-19 first struck in order to help our clients stay afloat in a new economy that formed virtually overnight. We developed new strategies, adapted their marketing plans to align with new market trends, and crafted precise messaging to help our clients stay relevant. King Media clients are maintaining and even GROWING their businesses!

The mantra at King Media is straightforward. We are creators of change and are relentless in our pursuit of your success.

We’ve summarized our success into six major themes:

Six Tips to Maintain and Grow Your Business During a Pandemic

1. Communication

In a time when rules and regulations for communication standards are changing daily, precise and timely communication is needed now more than ever. The days of face-to-face conversation and in-person meetings have been replaced with online video conferencing and instant messenger chats.

Timeliness is also of paramount success. In this age of information, your clients demand to be kept up to date about closures, openings and changes to safety protocols, and more. Transparency is no longer an “option” but rather has become the norm. Businesses who fail to communicate with customers will soon be forgotten and replaced by another business.

2. Messaging

With a plethora of news bombarding us across every platform, and with so much extra noise these days, it’s easy for your message to get lost. That’s why crafting clear and consistent messaging that resonates with your target audience is vital right now.

A trusted communication partner can help you expertly craft your messages in a clear, concise and consistent way to ensure your intended audience pays attention to it across all mediums – from television, radio, social, digital, print, website and more.

3. Market Expertise

How well do you know your market? What resonates with your primary consumers? Are there any secondary consumer markets you are ignoring and could cultivate into a flourishing new market segment?

With stay-at-home orders in place and regulations all around us, people are consuming content differently than they were even a week prior to the pandemic, and businesses rely on our market expertise to make sure their message is reaching the right people on the right platforms at the right time.

4. Community Engagement

It’s no secret that it takes a village to raise a child. By now, most community organizations have come to realize that if they cannot unite their community, its schools, local businesses, and people with a form of “rallying pride” then they won’t survive the pandemic.

King Media has worked with entire communities throughout the pandemic to develop community-wide marketing campaigns designed to rally citizens, lift their spirits and unite the community for the common good.

Watch Mason Public Schools’ “Stronger, Smarter, Safer Together” Campaign

5. Re-strategize & Reposition

You may have had your 2020 marketing plans locked in place for several months now—perhaps even for a year. But, like most businesses, that 2020 strategy has been completely altered by the shake-out of the pandemic, and now you’re needing to reposition yourself and figure out what the correct next move is for your company and its resources. A trusted partner like King Media can help you re-strategize and reposition yourself in the market.

6. New Market Opportunities

Businesses who are seeking new and emerging markets should consider how quickly they can enter that space. A trusted partner like King Media can help any size organization identify new market opportunities through research, leverage the new and emerging markets, and provide strategic messaging to resonate with the intended new markets.

See first-hand how local businesses have improved their marketing prowess during COVID-19 with the help of King Media.

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