A Blueprint for Award-Winning Video

AGC YouTube Video
November 14, 2017

If content is king, video is the crown jewel – and making it sparkle is the key to success in any campaign. One survey shows 79% of consumers would rather learn about a product via video than via copy – and that number is up 10% in just a year. King Media’s video campaign for the Associated General Contractors of Michigan recently won four international MarCom Awards – two in strategic communications and two specifically for video. So, how do you construct an award-winning video campaign?

1. Make the audience your foundation.
When it comes to video, people have to see themselves to relate – someone in their stage of life, with a problem they currently have, living a life they currently (or desire to) live. For this video, our key audience was high school seniors and young jobseekers. So we thought about what that looks like – from the storyline to the casting to the environment. How does that demo speak? What concerns do they have for the future? What do they want out of a future career?

2. Frame your story with strong messaging.
Once we established our audience, crafting the messaging was the next big step. What problems are you trying to solve? What kinds of obstacles does your audience face, and how can your product solve those problems? Start with an outline of these messages, and use them to create your script. Once you have a first draft, edit with a critical eye – brevity is key. A conversational tone is also important – dialogue should sound natural and voiceovers shouldn’t rely on tire clichés. Some products call for humor, others are heartwarming, but all messaging should drive the story forward and help evoke emotion from your audience.

3. Spice up your curb appeal with strategic creative.
Let’s face it – when it comes to advertising, looks do matter. In video, the first five seconds are crucial – they grab the viewer’s attention, set up the story and are the catalyst for continued watching. So what it is that grabs their attention? Often, it’s location – can you set the story in somewhere unexpected, incredibly meaningful or just plain fun? How can you incorporate as many props as possible to tell the story? All the footage in the world isn’t going to make much different if you can’t bring it together in a sleek, professional and polished way. Remember, you’re not competing with other ads – you’re competing with entertainment.

Awards are nice, but at King Media, we always measure success by results, whether that’s ad impressions, engagement or website traffic. See the expanded case study to see how this video resulted in a 10,000%+ increase in interest for our client.

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