Brand Ambassadors

I have often been tasked with the responsibility of bringing internal stakeholders and team members within a client organization “up to speed” on the branding and marketing efforts of their company. Stakeholders involved in the process of branding have a strong commitment and conviction to support the brand, and their partners and employees need to be aware of it, believe in it and live it. This personal engagement being a BRAND AMBASSADOR – ensures that the brand strategy becomes the foundation of all activities that stakeholders pursue, from marketing to decision making.

We often refer to our team members as our most important resource. Given the long term nature of developing and executing a brand strategy, it is important to keep stakeholders involved in the progress. Promote and communicate success along the way with news clips, advertisements, and actual results – proof you are moving the needle. Keeping stakeholders engaged ensures commitment, involvement and success over the long haul.

We as leaders and managers need to demonstrate the role of Brand Ambassadors and lead by example. If our fellow co-workers see us executing at a high level for a customer’s benefit, it will rub off on them. It will become natural and automatic – it will become the culture of the organization. A true Brand Ambassador is confident they know what direction the company is taking and how they are to carry themselves to do their part to support this effort. We hear a lot about Disney, Southwest Airlines, and how their corporate culture attributes to their success. They are teaching and executing the Brand Ambassador philosophy to great financial rewards and great admiration from other businesses who want to emulate their keys to success.

The execution of a successful and long lived Brand Ambassador philosophy demands working with strategic partners who know how to build such companies into their marketing partnership plans. King Media can be the partner your organization needs to help you become the next Disney, with a reputation for brand leadership and a strong cast of full time Brand Ambassadors.