Allison Navarra

Marketing Coordinator

Allison Navarra, Marketing Coordinator at King Media

Allison is an analytical thinker with an eye for digital marketing strategy. Her methods are based in experience and research. In fact, you’ll often find her snooping for information on new tactics, new technologies, and yes, new clients. She is Google Analytics, Google Search Ads and Inbound Marketing certified – a triple threat when it comes to developing comprehensive digital marketing and advertising strategies.

She studied English and economics/management at Albion College, and excels in creating branded content that captures readers’ attention, provides valuable information and encourages action. Before she returned to her home state, Allison worked closely with both major franchises and small local businesses in Southeast Minnesota to help them strengthen their digital presence.

Allison has built her career as an interpreter of digital marketing analytics. She translates metrics and quantitative website data into easy-to-read information and action items to continually provide success for clients and exceed their expectations. Her precise goal setting, constant monitoring and detailed reports turn strategic plans into measurable results.