A Brand Transformed

King Media transforms The House of Promise with rebranding efforts

“I love the ease of working with King Media. I don’t have to leave messages and wait for a call back – I can always reach someone when I need to! Everyone at King Media is so friendly, helpful, and patient. Their creativity of the butterfly symbolizes the beauty of transformation, in life and personality, and a sense of renewal. King Media is an exceptional partner and I look forward to our future endeavors.”
— Shari Montgomery, Founder and Executive Director, The House of Promise

Your brand is your business’ most powerful marketing tool; it conveys your identity, messaging and true value to the public. It’s more than just a fresh logo and a snappy tagline, it’s the intrinsic set of values that people associate with your company as a whole—essentially, it is an impression – an exceptionally vital impression. Effective brand strategies are not limited to for-profit business sectors. Nonprofits alike need to have strong brands in order to increase recognition, raise revenue and sustain the social impact created by their efforts.

A strong brand helps bring greater credibility and trust to an organization, acting as a catalyst for people to want to join and become a part of the mission. The House of Promise is a faith-based outreach ministry with the mission of providing a safe environment for sexually abused and trafficked girls. The organization has the potential to reach a national level of funding and awareness but first needed a brand that accurately reflects the greatness they provide to communities and young women suffering from such atrocities. King Media sought to help create a more identifiable and stronger logo for the nonprofit. The new logo has a more uplifting and stronger image of The House of Promise that communicates its mission and resonates with its target markets. Ensuring this brand consistency and through adopting this model of thinking, The House of Promise will have the tools and resources necessary to grow and expand on a national level.

Services Provided:

  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Development
  • Print Collateral
  • Project Management