3 Ways to Sail Your Business Toward Success: Setting Anchor


Imagine you’re getting ready to sail – your checklist is finished, your captain’s hat is secure and your maps are charted. But if you don’t have a few key skills – like knowing how to set anchor – you’re headed for a shipwreck. As a business, what does it mean to set anchor, and how does it sail your business toward success?

setting-anchorAnchor to your community

Every business, whether it’s a mom and pop shop or a corporate headquarters, ultimately fails or succeeds with the help of its surrounding community. Bob Gerbel and his team at Gerbel and Company, P.C. are the perfect example – they’ve been serving Southwest Michigan for almost 50 years. But more importantly, in those 50 years, Mr. Gerbel has invested in becoming an active member of the community, volunteering with St. Joseph Public Schools and serving as the president of the Berrien County Michigan State University Alumni Chapter. Not only is this good stewardship, but it’s also a good investment.


Anchor to your identitygerbel01

Once you’ve built the foundation of community support and a commitment to quality, it might be time to attract new customers. The best way to do that is by articulating what sets you apart. It may be inherent in your current practices – in Mr. Gerbel’s case, his longevity in the community and his reputation for quality. When we started reinventing his brand, we knew we had to showcase the quality of work while highlighting his unique, personal touch. Mr. Gerbel, a proud graduate of Michigan State University, is among the most passionate and committed Spartan fans — so we incorporated Spartan green as his primary brand color! His new pieces – including a website redesign, new logo, stationery, print collateral and branded e-signatures – were polished and professional, while still reflecting his identity.

Anchor to your customers

There is no better anchor for your customers than quality. Creating relationships with your customers shouldn’t be a by-product of your branding and marketing efforts. Instead, it should serve as the foundation for them. Mr. Gerbel and his team consistently deliver a quality product, on time and on budget, and have done so for 50 years. In fact, their slogan reads “Right. On Time. At a Fair Price.” But without the commitment to follow through on that promise, the slogan would ring hollow.

At King Media, we’ve been immersed in the Southwest Michigan community for over a decade – and we’re thrilled to finally be setting anchor with a new office in St. Joseph, Mich. It’s our way of investing in a community that’s already invested so much in us.

If you’ve already set your anchors, it’s time to start diving deep – read part two of our 3 Ways to Sail Your Business Toward Success series to find out how.