3 Ways to Sail Your Business Toward Success: Look to the Horizon


I’ll be the first to tell you my crystal ball is a little cracked – after all, if you had asked me 17 years ago where I would be today, I would have said, “Retired on the beach!” But true success comes in not just seizing opportunities, but looking to the future and identifying new ones.  King Media’s relationship with Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant is the perfect example of how setting an anchor and diving deep, all while keeping an eye to the horizon, can ensure success.

set-sailGet Ready…

Initially, we worked to anchor the brand with its core audience, aligning different touchpoints to reflect the premium experience visitors enjoyed at the winery. For example, when Tabor Hill was looking to update the look of its two most popular wines, King Media proposed a series of concepts that slowly transitioned the labels without sacrificing their customers’ ability to easily recognize the popular wines. When Tabor Hill developed two new blends, we named them in honor of their winemaker and designed elegant labels to continue the process of refining Tabor Hill’s brand. Additionally, in promoting their designation as the preferred wine of the 75th Senior PGA Championship, we worked to anchor the wine to this annual community event. These initiatives were key in setting the winery up for growth outside the community.

Get Set…

The winery and restaurant perform very well with their current demographic. However, in the interest of growth and long-term sustainability, we started looking to the horizon for an opportunity to attract a new audience. As we dove deep into potential audiences, we discovered a way to reposition Tabor Hill’s brand for different demographics, keeping its premium designation while capitalizing on the power of social media, online advertising and an improved web presence.


The results are already evident – Tabor Hill was recently named a one of the top 5 Winery Restaurants in the nation by USA Today. We see this momentum continuing as Tabor Hill attracts a new generation of loyal customers.

And we’re taking our own advice – on our horizon, I realized opening an office in Southwest Michigan offers a great opportunity for King Media to invest in new relationships, as well as strengthen our current ties. If you’re looking for a new perspective or a new opportunity for your business, I’d love to help you take a peek at what’s on your horizon.