3 Ways to Sail Your Business Toward Success: Dive Deep


Growth can be a bit like buried treasure – you know you have to dive deep to get it, but you can’t start without a map. Whenever my clients mention growth, I ask three key questions to dive deep into building that map:

Photo Courtesy of MourgeFile.com

Photo Courtesy of MourgeFile.com

1. What’s to love – what do current clients already love about your business?

2. What’s unique – what makes your business different?

3. What’s the connection – how can those combine to best showcase your business?

These questions aren’t limited to business – one key example comes from our work with Lakeshore Public Schools in Southwest Michigan, who was looking to build on its anchor of community support to encourage future growth.

What’s to love?

In this case, ’clients’ refers to not just the student body, but also the parents, teachers and community involved in the school district. As we immersed ourselves in all things Lakeshore, it was clear the district had a strong anchor in quality education and pride in the Lakeshore Lancers was high. The commitment to students’ future was also clear – with robust options for technical and career education as well as rigorous college preparation, Lakeshore offered all students the opportunity to explore the path right for them.

What’s unique?

Unlike most public schools, Lakeshore is not tied to a particular town – rather, communities came together and built this school system from the ground up. That dedication to the future of the community is wholly Lakeshore. Our extensive interviews with staff and community members uncovered an unparalleled commitment to providing students with a quality experiences tailored to their interests.

What’s the connection?

lakeshorepublicschools_brandguideHowever, we also found LPS lacked a consistent brand around which the community could rally. A new brand identity that resonated throughout the community would offer a special touch, paving the way for stronger communication and increased enrollment down the road. But in our dive, we discovered a single district logo would not serve Lakeshore’s best interests. Instead, we created a comprehensive brand identity package featuring one core logo and a set of complementary logos, and are in the early stages of implementing that new brand across a variety of pieces.

As King Media gets ready to open our St. Joseph office, we’re so excited to see the treasure this deep dive uncovers for LPS. Check back for part three of our 3 Ways to Sail Your Business Toward Success series to find out how to use that map to see what’s on the horizon. Check out part one here.