Whether the goal is to increase sales, elevate your brand, pass a bond initiative, change perception, or increase your digital footprint, we discover ways to communicate compelling ideas that will deliver a return on your marketing investment.

Each strategy, each creative execution and each media buy is built for your company, competitive landscape and target audience. By pairing creative advertisements with highly effective media vehicles, King Media will assist you in conveying the quality of your business to consumers.

In the loud and turbulent world of business communications, getting your message noticed is not easy. That’s where King Media comes in. We make sure your message is heard, read and seen. Our clients get results because we specialize in creating communications that are heard above the roar.

Today, the visual display of ideas and information has taken on a new dimension with the Internet. We have seen a quantum shift in the way information is delivered, received, managed and archived. Developing a web presence is essential for success in the marketplace.

  • Building Success for Skilled Trades: A Robust Digital Campaign

    AGC of Michigan case study thumbnail imageThe Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Michigan represents construction professionals in our state, working together to support the industry. Collectively, members were all struggling with the same major issue: attracting and retaining talent. Initially, AGC contacted King Media to pitch an outdoor advertising campaign promoting a career in the skilled trades. We had something else in mind. Knowing the target demographic was high school students and young jobseekers, an outdoor campaign would have been like building the campaign on shaky ground. A robust digital campaign that reached and resonated with our target was the way to go. For the foundation, we crafted a dynamic video to tell the story of construction careers. From there, we built a solid multi-pronged strategy for a three-month campaign, including interactive display ads, YouTube pre-rolls, Google AdWords and sponsored Facebook posts. While we expected the campaign to deliver excellent results, those results exceeded our expectations right out of the gate. Only a month into the… Read more…

  • Climb to the Top: Leveraging Social Media

    In 2016, Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant was named one of USA Today’s Top 20 American Winery Restaurants. After the panel of experts chose the finalists, voting was opened to the public to decide which winery would claim Top 10 honors. To compete with winery restaurants in California and other highly-populated wine regions, Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant needed a robust campaign to reach voters. King Media quickly developed a multi-faceted strategy that reached winery guests, regional food and wine enthusiasts and statewide residents ready to support a Pure Michigan nominee. In less than a week, we designed in-winery collateral; launched a social media campaign; and began media relations to accompany our press release. Social media was a key component in reaching Tabor Hill brand enthusiasts. The winery’s rural location posed a challenge, but we used Facebook’s robust targeting capabilities to reach as many potential voters as possible.   In addition to creating collateral, we also wrote, distributed and pitched… Read more…

  • From Regional to National: Brand Elevation on the Web

    Kamps Pallets website design and development by King MediaBased in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kamps Pallets has been steadily expanding their footprint. First they established themselves in the Midwest – now their operations span from coast to coast. But the old Kamps Pallets website didn’t reflect their national brand. Since a new website was really the first step in an effort to reposition the Kamps brand, we started with research to define what makes Kamps so special in the eyes of their customers. Among other findings, we learned that the distinctive blend of innovation and personal service set this family owned and operated company apart from the competition.   The new site has a sleek, modern design, carefully styled to position Kamps Pallets as a national company. We highlighted their innovative solutions – from comprehensive pallet management services to different pallet options and more – and added some exciting features to elevate their brand. These included a dynamic Green Scorecard and an interactive map of their many locations across… Read more…

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  • A Tried and True Checklist for Award-Winning Marketing

    You’ve probably heard of the 5Ws and H – they’re the first questions asked on any cop drama or during any reporter’s interview. But they’re also an excellent guideline for honing your marketing strategy in 2018. Sometimes the best plans start with the simplest questions. At King Media, we use these questions to guide our branding, marketing and campaign strategy… Read more… 

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